At Plain Jane we are committed to sourcing eco friendly and sustainable packaging where possible. We've put together this handy guide with info, tips and tricks to explain how you can reuse or dispose of all the packaging within our gift boxes. 

The Unboxing

The Gift Box

Our gift boxes are made from 100% Australian made recycled cardboard. They are super sturdy and can be reused for things such as the next present you gift, storing bit and pieces in or get the kids to paint and decorate them. Once they've been reused, you can pop these boxes in the recycling. 

The Mailing Bag

We use HeroPack compostable mailers for shipping our gift boxes around Australia. These mailing bags are 100% home-compostable and are made from 70-80% PBAT (a co-polymer) and 20-30% PLA (another name for cornstarch). They will take up to 120 days to breakdown in a home composter or around 90 days in a commercial composting environment. Our shipping labels are also compostable so all you have to do it cut them up and add to your compost as 'brown' waste. 

HeroPack mailers feature a double seal, so you can use them a second time before composting them! However, if you don't use it a second time, you will need to remove the recyclable plastic strip prior to composting. 

Kraft Brown Tape

We use water activated kraft brown tape to hold your gift box together during transport. This can be recycled. 

Shredded Paper

The shredded paper that keeps your gifts safe and sound during transport can be reused, recycled or composted. If you find yourself needing to post a parcel, reuse the shredded paper! Or get creative and use it for the kids arts and craft activities, like making paper mache. 

Tissue Paper and Logo Stickers

No Issue, who is committed to sustainable packaging and plant a tree with every order placed, make our custom tissue paper and logo stickers.

Both the tissue and stickers are made from FSC certified paper, which means the products have come from responsibly managed sources. The use of acid-free paper and soy based ink means they are also compostable. 

Greeting Cards and Information Insert

Our greeting cards and information inserts are printed with vegetable and soy inks (read: renewable sources!) by Sustainable Printing Co here in Melbourne. They are printed on 100% recycled kraft paper which is manufactured carbon neutral. Pop these in your recycling bin to continue their life cycle.

Plain Jane Gift's Signature Range

All Plain Jane branded products in our gift boxes are handmade by us on site. We make all of our food items to order, ensuring you receive the freshest, tastiest goodies possible and we can keep waste to a minimum!


All of our cookies are packaged in NatureFlex bags with a compostable sticker. NatureFlex is made from renewable sources and is both compostable and biodegradable. Once you've enjoyed them, remove the date label and you can pop the whole thing into your compost!

PJG Treats

Our nuts, popcorn, honeycomb etc are packaged in plastic pouches which can be recycled through the soft plastics recycling scheme. Please remove any labels and take to your nearest RedCycle bin. These are located at most major supermarkets. 

Brownie Mix

Our brownie mix comes in an Eco Bag which is both compostable and biodegradable. Simply remove the tin tie and cotton string to make it compost ready. 

Jams, Caramel Sauce and Body Scrubs

All of our glass jars can be washed and reused. We've used removable labels so it's super easy to peel them off! There is an abundance of uses for glass jars, including storing spices, buttons and snacks among many other things. You can use them to make salad dressings, use as a pen holder or a small vase and the list literally goes on. If you absolutely can't find a use for your glass jars, please recycle them. 

Candle Tins

Once you've burned through all the wax in your candle, let the tin cool down and then you can easily remove the wick tab and wash the tin with hot soapy water to remove the remaining wax. Our tins can be reused in many ways, such as for holding your jewelry, organising craft bits and pieces or get crafty with them! Stay tuned for the release of our candle tin refills next year!

Our Partner Products

In sourcing the best products to go into our gift boxes, we didn't just factor in taste, function and presentation, we also took into consideration their commitment to sustainability to ensure they align with our values.

Yarra Valley Tea Co.

The Yarra Valley Tea Co is committed to using biodegradable packaging made from renewable materials. Their boxes can be recycled whilst the bag inside the box and the tea bags should go into your waste bin. The tea bags are however, biodegradable.

Frank Green

We currently stock Frank Green's original reusable cup which is Australian made and owned. It goes without saying, that this cup is made for reusing time and time again. These cups are also recyclable at the end of their life.

Melbourne Martini

Once you've enjoyed your espresso martinis, fill the jar up with boiling water from the kettle and let it sit for around 5 minutes. Then, tip the water out carefully (be careful it will be hot) and the label will peel off really easily! Now you can wash and reuse your jar - see tips above for reusing jars

Brown Brothers and De Bortoli 

After you've celebrated with your bubbles, follow the tips above to remove the labels. These ones can be a little stubborn and might need some eucalyptus oil or hot soapy water to remove the last of the sticky. After washing, they can be reused in many ways. Our favourite is to use them as a single stem vase with flowers from our garden! 


 What to do if you don't have a compost

If you haven't started your own compost yet, there is still ways to help! You can sign up at to find a local composter near you who accepts scraps and composting materials. 

If you would like to get started on your composting journey, head to for great products and plenty of info and tips. You can check to see if your local council offers a discount on composters too!


If you want to share your tips, tricks and ideas for reducing waste and reusing materials we'd love to hear from you! Email us at